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It is interesting to speculate on the reasons that make females so anxious to debase themselves. Though they would never admit it openly. But it is quite obvious from their actions. Apart from other things, it is quite obvious from their mating behavior. Human females, like most other mammals, have the responsibility to select the opposite sex. The selection mechanism is the same as the natural selection process, i.e. the survival of the fittest. The nature has designed this entire system so that the best genes are carried to the future species. This has been the selection mechanism for all the other animals, which has triggered the evolution of species and the variety of life forms on earth. This fundamental reason of natural selection has been the key factor in deciding the behavior of the female animals in all the species. The best genes in case of animals are of course of the strongest animals in terms of physical parameters. So the female animals select those male animals, which win over other males in the battle preceding sex. In other words the strongest and the most influential of the males have the first right to sex in animal kingdom. This of course means that many male animals are deprived of sex throughout their lives. But this ensures the best genes are being propagated. This wonderful mechanism of the nature has created the variety of life forms on earth. The selection mechanism of human females has also been the same since the beginning. That was required to be the same during the stone ages and even early days of ancient civilizations. The best genes were of those men who were the most dominating in the society and hence the females selected those. But since the evolution of technology and science, the growth of the human civilization has been largely dependent upon the intellectuals who have leashed fire, found wheel, steam, electricity, crossed oceans, built sky scrapers. The survival is no more dependent upon the brute physical strength or domination, but the intellectual soul. So the best genes are not of those, who are just strong enough to collect the food, but of those who can modify the genes so that the food becomes unnecessary. But it seems that the human females have not evolved enough to match the speed of social evolution to modify their selection mechanism to select the right genes. They are still lingering in their naked pasts. They still need to look up at the manís eyes, as if they were pleading for food in exchange of sex. They still need to be dominated and tampered like their ancestors. Only difference is that now, there is no true purpose behind it. They have not yet recognized that the society has already offered them equality and they no more need to be dependent on a strong and dominating man. One of the interesting traits of the modern female is, she cries for independence to go for a man, who treats her no better than a slave. This thrills them for some obscure reasons. As if it gives them the assurance that, ďyes this is the man who is strong enough to save me from the beasts, who can bring me food.Ē They will not feel attracted towards a man who treats them as equal, because he is not strong enough to dominate them. Why is it that they think so weak of themselves that they cannot defend themselves in a society that is almost secure? Why is it that they want to be dominated, tampered, and abused? Why canít they take up an equal position with male, when it is being offered to them? When will they recognize that the strength in the human society has changed its focus? It is no more with the people who are merely strong enough to dominate a female or a few of their fellowmen. They canít recognize the strength of the human soul that is driving the human society, human civilization further, when the rest are simply adding to the inertia of it. It is the strength of these intellectuals, which has controlled the nature, tamed the brute force of the fire. Which has measured the sky and the sea. It is these humans, which are strong enough to stand against the god. It is the wealth created by these men that they are feeding upon. These are the people who are strong enough to stand by their own ideals. This is the true representation of the strength in the present human society. The females should recognize this changed nature of measure of strength among males and perform their responsibility correctly before the growth of the civilization becomes stagnant due to the extinction of the strong men.