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Welcome into my world.........which is popularly known as boyzunlimited domain. What, u feel congested here!! It is so obvious, coz like an electron I m present in the every bit of it. But u cannot trace me. This is also similar to the god, who claims to be omnipresent. I say u live ur life independently n does whatever u want to. Don't wait 4 others opinion, don't think what others will think about u, n simultaneously don't peep into others lives. Let others do whatever they like. Don't try to interfere in the freedom of others. Well I too always fail to stick to this, but there is nothing in giving it a try. I believe that human beings r just like machines (may be its the effect of being a mechanical engineering student). I believe that human beings never commit any mistake. It is the only option they had, in any particular situation, which they did, just like a machine. Their actions r completely constrained. They have only one degree of freedom. Hey that's enough. If u wanna know more then contact me.

Enter into My Dimension!