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Project Reports

The following is a list of reports of a few projects that I have worked on. The report can be downloaded by clicking on the link provided here.

Mathematical modeling and simulation of target-oriented obstacle avoiding robot, Dec-Feb 2007

In the above project, I simulated the motion of an autonomous robotic platform capable of reaching a desired destination starting from a known position in an environment filled with unknown obstacles. Click link to download. Pathplanner.pdf

Simulation of Automatic Control of Wheeled Mobile Robots, IIT-Bombay, Jan-July 2003

In the above project, various feedback control strategies for the automatic control of wheeled mobile robots were developed to solve trajectory tracking and point-to-point tracking problems under guidance of Dr Kurien Issac. Click link to download. WheeledMobileRobot.pdf

Design and testing of Wheeled Mobile Robots, NIT, Jalandhar, Dec 2003-July 2004

In the above project, I designed the hardware of a wheeled mobile robot controlled by a computer (C++) using a parallel port. Tested various feedback controllers for the Automatic Control of the system. Click link to download. Endeavor.pdf

Design and testing of a stair-climbing mechanism, June-August 2002

In the above project, I designed a walking and climbing mechanism for use in a wheelchair that could mount staircases. Click link to download. Scepter.pdf.   Click here to see the animation. ANIMATION


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