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Here r some philosophical answers to ur questions, that you always wanted to know


1 (.55) SURVEY Just what is it that philosophers do?

2 (.42) SCIENTIFIC LIFE Should all our decisions be based on scientific facts?

3 (.34) IN THE PRESENT Should we live in the moment? Then what of past--and the future?

4 (.41) INFORMATION In this age of information, we tend to act in formation. But dissenters might be right--and that can both frighten and liberate us.

5 (.36) THE MEANING OF LIFE Just where is it, exactly?

6 (.41) FUTURE OBLIGATION Just what do we owe future generations?

7 (.52) SOMEWHERE ELSE Why does the remote have special appeal?

8 (.38) TABLOID Why such interest in lives of others? (Is something missing in your own?)

9 (.46) STARTING POINT Philosophy has been the sparkplug for the lives of heroes

10 (1.00) WORLDLY GOOD Global uniformity has benefits--but at what cost?

11 (.40) THINGS THAT MATTER If mystery lies behind politics, then it's the philosophers who seek that mystery.

12 (.52) FUN Philosophy bakes no bread--but can enrich the meal of life.

13 (.33) QUALITY OF LIFE Is longer life of value whatever its quality?

14 (.50) WHAT TO FEAR What is courage? Ought we ever risk all?

15 (.35) DREAM Would be bad to have our dreams fulfilled?

16 (.44) KIDS TODAY Values change with successive generations; can youth be right?

17 (.40) DECISION Decisions can be hard or easy, important or not. Should we always make them calmly? Is there no place for impulse or tradition?

18 (.32) SILENCED Would dictators suppress philosophy if it did not have real power?

19 (.42) CENTURY In the 21st century, philosophy could well be as important as religion and psychology

20 (.40) NEIGHBOR POLICY Are our neighbors any good? Should we ignore them, or help them?

21 (.31) TO DIE FOR Does it makes sense to fear death?

22 (.38) REACHABLE STARS Ought we seek ambitious goals or be content with what we can more easily do?


© - Subhasis Behera