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Address: 1230 Princeton Avenue, Salt Lake City. Utah. 84105

Email:, Phone: 801-512-7949




I am a hardworking and enthusiastic person having a desire to learn and I like to learn through hands on experience. Making mechanical models/toys has been an active hobby which I pursued since my childhood and built a number of working electromechanical models.



  • Master of Science (Mechanical Engineering) University of Utah (currently pursuing)

·         Bachelor of Technology (Mechanical Engineering) from the National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar, India



Application Engineer (Automation), Trident Tech Labs, July 2007-July 2008

Model and simulate components and systems using physical modeling, machine design software, ITI SimulationX. Interact with customers from several industries and research organizations to solve problems related to modeling and simulation with the software.


External Consultant, Security Defense Systems, Dec 2006- May 2007

Developed the mechanical design (Solidworks) of a remotely operated compact all-terrain vehicle mounted with a five degree of freedom manipulator.


Robotics Engineer, Appin Knowledge Solutions, Aug 2005-June 2007

Designed a 24-hour workshop course and kit for Robotics. Taught Robotics and Embedded Systems to undergraduate students.


Research Assistant, Mechatronics lab, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, Aug 2004-March 2005

Modified a differentially driven wheeled mobile robot. It offered better control of the motion of a vehicle to implement path planning in a system on the basis of feedback from odometric sensors. Worked under the guidance of Dr. S.K. Saha


External Consultant, Sinsil International, March-May 2005

Developed software to measure the ultra-violet contents of halogen and gas discharge lamps used in headlamps of automobiles with a S2000 ocean optics spectrometer. It is being used by the Automobile Research Association of India to certify headlamps of automobiles. 



Testing of Cerebral blood vessels, University of Utah, September 2008 - Present

The objective is to use labview 8.5 to capture and analyze the video of the test sample using two pixelink cameras at oblique angles and reproduce the 3D geometry of the specimen under the guidance of Dr. Ken Monson.


Adaptive Front Light System with International Center of Automotive Technology, June 2007-July 2008

Aiming to control the headlight sweep and automatic switching of auxiliary lights of an automobile in response to the steering wheel rotation, speed of the vehicle, and inclination of the vehicle.


Autonomous Robot, January 2008-June 2008

Guiding a team of students to design a robot, which will be able to reach a desired location avoiding unknown obstacles. Uses a SRF-08 sonar for ranging. The path-planning algorithm is based on Johann Borenstien's VFF & VFH method.




Simulation of Automatic Control of Wheeled Mobile Robots, IIT-Mumbai, Jan-July 2003   

Developed and tested various feedback control strategies for the automatic control of wheeled mobile robots to solve trajectory tracking and point-to-point tracking problems under guidance of Dr Kurien Issac.


Mathematical modeling and simulation of target-oriented obstacle avoiding robot, Dec-Feb 2007

Simulated the motion of an autonomous robotic platform capable of reaching a desired destination starting from a known position in an environment filled with unknown obstacles.

Design and testing of Wheeled Mobile Robots, NIT, Jalandhar, Dec 2003-July 2004

Designed the hardware of a wheeled mobile robot controlled by a computer (C++) using a parallel port. Tested various feedback controllers for the Automatic Control of the system. /public_html/project_reports /report.pdf  


Design and Testing of a two-link arm, March 2006        

Aimed at the mathematical modeling and physical design of the Software & Hardware of a two-link robotic manipulator controlled by a computer (C++) using the parallel port.


Design and Testing of a Polar Co-ordinate Plotter, May-July 2005

Aimed at mathematical modeling and physical design of the Software and Hardware of a Polar Co-ordinate Plotter controlled by a computer (C++) using the parallel port.


Design and Testing of a stair-climbing mechanism, June-August 2002

Designed a stair climbing mechanism for use in a wheelchair that could mount staircases. /public_html/project_reports/scepter.pdf  



·         Adaptive Front Light System - AFS

·         CAD (Solidworks) drawings of ATVRM - ATVRM

·         Animation of Stair Climbing Mechanism called ‘Ideas’ - Scepter

·         Stair Climbing Robot - Snail

·         Automatic Wheeled Mobile Robot – Endeavour

·         Ball picking and firing at target system – Bucephalus

·         Computer controlled two-link manipulator – Dexter II

·         Line Following Robot - LFR



C (Dev C, Turbo C), MATLAB, Simulinks, Labview 8.5, ITI SimulationX, Keil C (8051 Microcontroller), Codevision C (AVR Microcontroller), Solid Works, HTML & JavaScript.