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Welcome into My Dimension

Friends I m sure MATRIX RELOADED has raised a lot of questions in your mind. It is not only the case with you, but the same thing happened with everyone around the globe. So what did u do to answer those questions? Maybe you discussed that with your friends for a couple of times, but did that give you answers to any of ur questions? If yes, then also there is nothing wrong in knowing the views of some of the experts about the twists and turns in MATRIX RELOADED . I hope you will not get bored.

Here is an alternative explanation of MATRIX RELOADED. This time with a mythological touch.

Wanna some Cool ASCII? Here is a cool Ascii movie.See neo attaining his THE ONE Status. Since the size of the file is huge, it may take some time. So be patient.....

Friend, I am sure you always had an urge to know about the mysteries of human life. The PHILOSOPHY behind the existance of our own self. So your search ends here. Coz here i am with some answers to your doubts. Get the answers of your doubts about LIFE and PHILOSOPHY . I hope you will not get bored.


© - Subhasis Behera